After the operation – rehabilitation

In cases after the completion of treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal), for several months or even years the patient undergoes rehabilitation treatment of varying intensity with the goal of reducing the arm lymphedema and increasing the range of motion of the joint on the operated side.

• keep the operated arm above the heart level
• avoid leaving the arm to “hang” for a longer time (due to blood and lymph flow interruption)
• avoid more intensive muscle effort with the operated arm
• avoid carrying loads or carrying a bag on the shoulder
• be careful of the skin injuries
• gradually sunbathe with application of protective creams
• wear protective gloves when doing housework
• clean the skin with mild soap and lukewarm water
• do not measure blood pressure in the operated arm

In addition to the implementation of manual lymph drainage or pneumatic lymphatic drainage through a device as part of physical therapy, a great help in encouraging the discharge of intercellular spaces and restoring the lymphatic fluid to the heart are compression sleeves and elastic bandages. timberland homme They are used during the day and removed at night. nike pas cher 2017 The sleeve is placed upon getting up, on dry skin, which means not after showering. timberland soldes hommes Attention should be paid not to crease the sleeve/glove. Fjallraven Kanken mini In the evening, after removing the compression sleeve, hand hygiene is performed and a neutral cream is applied.